What We Left Behind: Star Trek Deep Space Nine Doc

Created by The DS9 Documentary Team

A documentary looking back at the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine series.

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Mon Aug 27 '18 Announcement
about 4 years ago – Mon, Aug 27, 2018 at 04:37:28 PM

Dear Niners…

You’ve waited patiently, and as always we're incredibly grateful for your support. We haven't let up at all here on our end -- it's been full steam ahead (er, we mean Warp 9?), and we're pleased to say we've finally locked in some dates this fall for our INDIEGOGO BACKER PREMIERES!

But before we even get to that, we have a lot of other EXCITING NEWS in this update too, starting with...


Welcoming composers Dennis McCarthy & Kevin Kiner!

We couldn’t be happier to announce the addition of Dennis McCarthy (original Emmy-winning composer of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) and Kevin Kiner (composer on Star Trek: Enterprise and most recently Netflix’s Making a Murderer and Star Wars Rebels) to our team! These two music legends have joined forces once again to create an original soundtrack for the upcoming documentary, and will continue their Star Trek family partnership by scoring our writers room Season 8 animated story break. We simply can’t wait for you to hear what they’re working on.

A final push for DS9 in HD!

When we started this process, our team was excited by the possibility of remastering even just a few select shots for the first time in High-Definition. Thanks to the partnership of CBS Entertainment and CBS Digital, we’ve been proud to say we’ve accomplished that — and the outcome is stunning.

But watching it now, the standard definition footage simply pales by comparison, and it reiterates to us that our original goal just isn't enough. We think you’ll feel the same, and that you deserve to see ALL of our show clips in the film in glorious HD.

Therefore, today we're announcing one final campaign pushing for more DS9 in HD. Ira Steven Behr met up with a special friend to help spread the word and show you what we're talking about:



As supporters, we know you’ve already gone above and beyond the call at every opportunity. And we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. This film in now is the final stages of post-production, and we are committed to having it out to early backers in one form or another this year (case in point: see our news on the Backer Premiere dates below!!). But that won’t stop us from getting as much HD into this film as humanly possible!

We’ve read your comments online, and we join your consistent outcry to see Deep Space Nine remastered. If you’re one of those committed fans, this is your chance to make a direct difference and see the results in our film!

We encourage you to check out our WEBSITE for details on this remastering campaign. You can support at any level to make a difference, but $50 and up will nab you an all-new collectable CHALLENGE COIN, and make you one of our HI-DEF HEROES. Or, for $500, you can become a LEGACY SUPPORTER -- sponsor an actual scene to be remastered for the film and have your name connected with it for all time!










We're in the final stages of the film, so don't wait - if you're serious about more HD, show your support NOW! Join us in bringing DS9 to High Definition!


And finally, we’re pleased to share that we’re closing in on our BACKER PREMIERE EVENTS this fall!

Dates Announced for LA & NYC Premieres

If you’re a ticket holder for NY or LA, you should have already received a save-the-date email this past week. For everyone else, we’re proud to share that our first early screenings will take place in OCTOBER!

         Los Angeles Backer Premiere
         Friday, October 12th, 2018

         New York City Backer Premiere
         Sunday, October 14th, 2018

We’re still finalizing details on our UK premiere, which we’ll be announcing in the next week, so keep an eye on your emails!

What does this mean for Blu-Ray and digital streams?

Stay tuned! As promised, these backer premieres are our first advance showing to you — our most dedicated fans. Once the film is completed and screened at our special events, we will be announcing plans for the early online stream and finally the Blu-Ray/DVD bundles.


As always, we’ve still got a LOT to do! But the end is now clearly in sight and we can’t wait to share in the celebration with you.

More to come very soon. Until then, keep trekkin' on!


- The #DS9Doc Team

Tue Jul 3 '18 Announcement
about 4 years ago – Tue, Jul 03, 2018 at 12:09:19 PM

Hey DS9 fans —

We’ve got BIG NEWS today, straight from the editing bay!
Watch a special video message from IRA STEVEN BEHR and the team here:



Thats right, we’re officially PICTURE-LOCKED on "What We Left Behind!" 

For those not 'up' on their film lingo, what that essentially means is that the edit (and general content) of the film is completed and has been signed off on by our directors, and now we will be moving forward to finishing processes like color correction, music and sound design.

As our team will reiterate, there’s still a LOT of work ahead of us (including, most importantly, the final licensing of Star Trek content and completing our remastering of high-definition scenes!) but this is an exciting and important step that brings us one step closer to our release to YOU, our favorite (and most patient!) supporters.


SO… when WILL that release actually be??

Can’t we just sit back and enjoy that big milestone for just a FEW minutes?

OK, ok, we get it, you’re just as anxious as we are see this finished film and circle the big date in your calendars, but unfortunately we still aren’t quite ready to give any specific time-frames for the premiere events or digital and subsequent physical disc releases.

Why? Because the simple fact is, as an independent film company, we’re dependent on partnership with a  larger studio or distributor to provide their resources to get this film out beyond our own loyal fanbase. Many of these scheduling decisions will depend on factors we’re not aware of yet, and we simply don’t want to promise something when all our tribbles aren’t already in a row, so to speak.

What we CAN promise is that we’re doing everything we can to ensure our backers get to celebrate this film with us during the DS9 25th Anniversary. And for those eligible for premiere events, we’ll be giving you plenty of heads-up and input on on scheduling of those events this fall as soon as we have details to share.



Did you miss out during the original campaign on getting YOUR NAME in the credits? Good news! There’s still time to be included on that special list — but you'll have to hurry, because there’s just TWO WEEKS LEFT before we type in that final name! Visit the website at today and check out the pre-order page for more details.

(As a reminder, only higher-level reward bundles included this perk originally in the campaign — add-ons were available separately during your follow-up survey for stand-alone items or lower-level reward tiers. You can always check on the details of your order, including shipping address and list of included rewards, by visiting!)


Star Trek: LAS VEGAS 2018

We’re now less than ONE MONTH AWAY from the annual Star Trek Las Vegas convention, hosted by Creation Entertainment, and we hope to see many of you there! Our team will be on hand again to host a panel (or two!) and share some new and never-before-seen clips from the documentary and the series itself. Stop by to ask us some questions, join us for a bottle of kanar, and celebrate the #DS925th with us!

PLUS, if you missed out on one of our very special celebrity-hosted dinner-parties during the original Indiegogo campaign, we’ve got some exciting news… we’re adding ONE MORE DINNER EVENT at the VEGAS 2018 CONVENTION!


A Dinner with Vic Fontaine & Friends!

Looking to be part of a special night with the best holographic lounge singer in the quadrant? Join Vic Fontaine (Jimmy Darren!), Ira Steven Behr and the team behind the DS9 Documentary and a host of special surprise guests in a private dinner-party event on WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 1st in LAS VEGAS! 

Lucky guests will be treated to homestyle Italian cuisine selected by 'Vic' himself, have opportunities to meet-and-greet with all our celebrity guests before, during, and after dinner, and walk away with a special #DS9Doc swag-bag and digital access to an online photo-album to remember the evening by!


All proceeds from this dinner, name in the credits and other pre-orders from our online store go directly to support the final stages of post production (and yes, believe it or not, more funding equals more HD clips in the film!).


So, what are you waiting for? Go check out some new content out this week in our Video Vault, buy tickets for our upcoming dinner event, or follow along as we move to the next stage of post-production by visiting us on Facebook and Twitter!

As always, we appreciate your excitement, patience, and support of this project. Keep trekkin' on!


- The #DS9Doc Team

Thu Apr 12 '18 Announcement
over 4 years ago – Thu, Apr 12, 2018 at 03:56:24 PM

Greetings DS9 Fans!


We’re sure you’re all eager for an update on the process, so here goes, drumroll please…




So, why is it taking so long to edit?

Well, for starters, we've got over 100 hours of new interviews with cast and crew to go through, plus fan submissions, archival materials, animations, audition tapes, convention footage and over 170 broadcast episodes... endless possibilities! And sure, you SAY you'd be down to see a 4-hour documentary, but really that's just excessive even for us. Carefully and artfully assembling everything down into a reasonable length film (with a story of its own!) is an even longer process.


Then, factor in the technical elements of licensing all our official footage, finding new archival elements and creating animations, working with CBS to scan film negative for presentation for the first time in HD… the fact that we’re even close to having something to show is, frankly, a bit of a miracle. If we were wormhole aliens, we're sure all this linear time wouldn't even be an issue, but alas in this process we're only human.


The good news for you in all of this is that we're continuing to find new elements and stories to include as we go along, and we're committed to making the best stand-alone film we can, however long that takes. (And, suffice to say, we've got HOURS of bonus content to release later on down the line!)


Are DVD/BluRays Packs ready to ship?

Funny thing about that is that you traditionally need to finish the film first. We considered shipping out empty DVD cases with a photo of a disk inside… but we did that for April Fools Day with our executive producer and he tried playing it in his DVD player, and now it’s broken. So we didn’t want that to happen to you too.


We promise we will let all backers know before these disks start shipping. It's important to also to remind you of the order of release:


  • Backer Premieres in LA, NY & London first, then...
  • Early-Access Digital Stream for Eligible Supporters, and then...
  • Public Release of the film (details TBD), before...
  • Shipping of DVD/Blu-Ray packages begins (sometime shortly after public release)


Of course, before any of that -- the FILM NEEDS TO BE COMPLETED! As soon as we have updated timeframes on any of this, you'll be the first to know!


And the dates of the Premieres…?

Eh, now you’re just being funny, aren't you. We KNOW you’re excited, but hang tight! Once the film is ready, we’ll give you plenty of heads up — plus, opportunities to update your information, give us your guest names, and weigh in on dates & times if possible!


Can I still update my shipping information?

Absolutely. You can view your current information, update address and more, by visiting our BackerKit site at If your order is locked, contact our support team at and we'll be happy to assist manually.


Is it too late to get one of those awesome T-Shirts?

Aw shucks. Those were enormously popular, and we wish we could re-release them, but we promised the original three shirts would be exclusive to the Indiegogo campaign. Good news is, we're dreaming up new designs to (hopefully) come out around the same time as the film, so stay tuned!


Any luck with DS9 in HD?

YES! It's expensive, it's time-intensive and lengthening our post process... and it's gosh-darn beautiful. CBS has been partnering with us on this aspect and we can confirm it will *absolutely* be worth the wait.


Are you including [X,Y,Z] in the film?

Spoilers! You’ll have to wait and see. There are so many relevant cast and crew and influences and elements from the show’s SEVEN seasons that it would never be possible for us to include everything in a 90 minute documentary. A ten-episode mini-series perhaps... Indiegogo Campaign #2?


Speaking of spoilers, our team will soon be on their way to DORTMUND, GERMANY for the Destination: Star Trek convention! We'll be promoting the documentary and playing some EXCLUSIVE never-before-seen clips from the project! If you’re in town or have the opportunity to make it out, trust us when we say you won’t want to miss it.




We're still hard at work and keeping you all at the front of our minds. We're so proud of the film that's coming together and just can't wait to share the finished project with you. In the meantime, be sure to follow us on social media for more day-to-day updates and teases, and keep celebrating DS9 in your own special way!


We thoroughly appreciate your patience, your support, and your continually growing excitement. Keep it up!


- The #DS9Doc Team

Sat Nov 25 '17 Announcement
almost 5 years ago – Sat, Nov 25, 2017 at 01:02:40 PM

Greetings DS9 Fans, and Happy Holidays! 

As always, things are continuing to move steadily forward here in our offices, and our small but formidable team has been focused on making this film surprising, entertaining and worthy of all your continued support. We're deep in the editing process currently, but wanted to make sure we keep you up-to-date on our progress and some important news.


Premiere Dates & Production Update

Understandably, we've received a number of questions recently regarding the scheduling of the NY, LA and London Backer Premieres. Unfortunately, while we wish we could be more definitive, at this time the film is very much still under construction, and release dates are still undetermined until the editing process is closer to being completed.

Our original estimates for the premieres and film release was roughly February, 2018 -- this was long BEFORE the Indiegogo campaign exceeded all expectations, and the scope of the project grew. As such, our filming and editing schedule has expanded to include a number of new and exciting creative ideas. While we still are aiming to have the film done in early 2018, it is likely these release timeframes will shift back (slightly) to accommodate.

Please know that we have not forgotten you and will let you know the moment we have anything to announce. Our team is committed to giving backers ample heads up (a couple of months) and will loop all eligible backers in on date options for the premieres as we begin to lock them in early next year.


In the meantime, we are far along into the editing process of the film -- expect a video vault update coming soon from our editing team! -- but that hasn't stopped us from continuing to film additional material and events as they come up!

For example...


Variety Reunion Photo Shoot

As you may have seen hinted at on social media last month, we were excited to gather a large group of the DS9 cast & crew recently for a photo shoot with Variety Magazine. Of course, our cameras were there to capture the reunion and this special celebration of DS9's upcoming 25th Anniversary.

While we've promised Variety that we would save the full details until the article's release in 2018, that doesn't stop us from giving you a little sneak peak of some of the cast's own behind-the-scenes photos from the day:


Keep an eye out for the article and photos in early 2018, and behind-the-scenes footage in the finished documentary!

A Message from Adam Nimoy

Lastly, but importantly, we have some news regarding a change-up on our creative team that we wanted you share with all of you first.

Recently, Director Adam Nimoy asked to step down from helming this project in order to focus on personal commitments and other creative endeavors. The Deep Space Nine documentary is continuing to move forward and we are grateful for Adam’s guidance and creative input on the film this past year.

“The real creative force behind the DS9 documentary was well in place before I came along. I was happy to lend them support and guidance to push the project along so that it could be completed in time for the 25th anniversary of the show which is coming up in 2018. I wish the creative team all good things as they Boldly Go!”
     - Adam Nimoy

While Adam will remain a producer and advisor on the project, 455 Films’ David Zappone and DS9’s Executive Producer Ira Steven Behr will step in and assume day to day directorial responsibilities as we push towards the completion of the film.

Stay tuned for more details and sneak previews of what is still proving to be a very exciting project.

Till then, keep trekkin' on!

- The #DS9Doc Team

Wed Aug 30 '17 Announcement
about 5 years ago – Wed, Aug 30, 2017 at 12:45:47 PM

Greetings, friends!

We can hardly believe that September is nearly upon us, but we're happy to say that the Las Vegas convention earlier this month was a huge success, and with the additional filming we completed there, our focus has officially shifted from production to post-production (editing!) of this treasured project. It's an immense undertaking, but our team is pushing ahead and excited to share more of the process with you as soon as we can.


In the meantime, we've listened to requests from a number of you, and are happy to announce a new opportunity:


The Video Vault is Opening!

If you weren't lucky enough to receive access to our exclusive VIDEO VAULT through one of the bundled rewards during the campaign, we're giving everyone a chance to join in the fun and add this now for just $5! Gain access to our monthly video updates, exclusive clips & other sneak peeks as we continue our 'trek.'

Visit our pre-order store on our website, or click the following link for details:



Vegas Convention Recap

For those who were unable to attend in person, here's a quick recap of our STLV events, by the numbers:

  • 88 individual "DS9 Confessionals" filmed onstage w/ fans!
  • 50+ coffees bought for audience by Ira Steven Behr during an impromptu Q&A
  • new interviews filmed w/ cast & critics
  • 6 interactive panels hosted on the CBS All-Access Stage
  • blue beards... (more below)
  • 1 culminating panel on the STLV Main Stage, premiering an exclusive sneak-peek trailer & clip from the film!*

* For licensing reasons, we're unable to share this trailer publicly just yet; but be sure to check out our Video Vault for other exclusive clips & outtakes!


The team also had a special surprise in store for Ira on Sunday's final panel... MATCHING BLUE GOATEES!


For more details on the panel at STLV, take a moment to check out the awesome coverage from our friends over at TrekCore and


Remembering Eric Cajiuat

And finally, some sad news.

In the past couple of years we've been lucky to get to know Eric Cajiuat, a legend in the cosplay & sci-fi convention circuit and known to many STLV attendees as the friendly but ever-crafty Ferengi bartender. Eric took part in a number of our projects, and was a welcome sight at any event.

Shortly after this year's convention, we learned of Eric's sudden passing. Our hearts and condolences go out to Eric's friends & family, and we're grateful to have been a small part of his life & legacy.


Until next time,

- The #DS9Doc Team